Interaction with FloodFlash begins with the UI: Our customer-facing portal, internal flood sensor management system and data analytics platforms are all accessed via modern web applications, and we need a lead front-end developer to help build, manage and support them.

We're looking for someone experienced in developing complex web applications to lead front-end development at FloodFlash. You’ll represent front-end development to the rest of FloodFlash, and work with many people across the business: Including the usual product managers and developers, but also designers and UX, marketing, and compliance experts.

You'll be working independently as part of an innovative Insurtech startup, so autonomy and drive are essential. As an experienced front-end developer, you’ll have the opportunity to mentor and teach others, and as the company grows be involved in hiring and management of other developers.

As with all front-end work, user experience is key, so an appreciation for satisfying, effective user interactions is a must-have!


Lead development of FloodFlash's suite of web applications, including customer portal, flood sensor management system and analytics platform:

  • Own the front-end: Ensure it’s modular, maintainable and performant.
  • Help FloodFlash use the right technology for the job but remaining pragmatic in the face of rapid change!
  • Work with designers and UX experts to translate designs and mock-ups into intuitive, effective web applications that our customers enjoy using.
  • Support frequent deployments of our web apps, following modern DevOps practices: Deploying to production shouldn’t be stressful.
  • Develop a robust automated testing and internal process to ensure the quality of our platform.
  • Integrate usage analytics, internal and customer feedback on applications to make our products the best they can be.


We are looking for somebody with experience relating to some but not necessarily all of the following. As in any start-up the important thing is to be flexible and smart enough to work out the things that you don’t know.

  • Several years of experience working on complex REST API-driven web applications, including at least 2 years of Angular 2+
  • Be able to make architectural decisions regarding, but not limited to; software development patterns, technology choices, and infrastructure requirements.
  • Familiarity with what makes good UX and design, and experience of working with UX and design experts.
  • Experience with software development and DevOps best-practices, including source-control (Git), CI/CD, testing approaches, and Agile methodologies.
  • Comfort with and experience of modern web security (HTTPS, OAuth2 flows etc.)
  • Excellent communication skills – you’ll be representing front-end development to the rest of the company!
  • Strong work ethic and the desire to be part of a lean, fast-paced, start-up culture.